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Can adem occur twice?


When I first became ill the first symptom was being sick and then I continued to be sick ad they put it down to anxiety tablet taking. I havent been sick for about 5months now and today I was sick twice. I think I should put it down to my brothers driving and walking whilst eating which I shod learn by now not to do that and my Periods stopped as I went down to 5stone, can be sick be a cause of them coming back as my boobs hurt too.?


Vicky, I looked up this question for you, as I wasn't sure. I found this information on an ADEM site: "ADEM usually only occurs once, sometimes twice. Multiple attacks are very rare so may require further tests and discussion to confirm the diagnosis." But since there could be other causes, please call your doc and get checked out. I hope you feel better soon.


Vicky, hello. Adem can happen twice or even more, but the case is extremely rare. And usually the relapse is much faster and more violent than the first occurrence. If it's a relapse - but from what you write, perhaps is very unlikely that it is - the symptoms are very clear.

First suggestion - the same of Dancermom - call your doc and get a chek.

Second suggestion - do it as soon as possible, because a professional doctor can give you a response that can give back to you your serenity, that seems to me is the thing that in this moment you have lost.

Third and last suggestion. Adem damages nerves, and the time to recover is long. is not unusual to live with the consequences and effects of demyelinating lesions for long time. I guess that this could be the case, for pain and for sickness. my very humble opinion is to not surrender to concern, to not allow fear to dominate your life. I know it's not easy, but for what I understand you have a family.
Talk with them, Vicky. Talk with your family.

All the best.