Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM) Support Group

Confusion... Sadness =/


Hi there! I am a 18 years old guy from the United Arab Emirates, I am currently struggling with my sickness as i was admitted to the hospital in August 2013 for two weeks and my health condition improved 60% but then stopped.. And from that time and until now i have only been taking Prednisolon 20mg daily.. I was told my condition is stable after.. maybe 10 MRIs I can't remember well because my memory is in a bad condition as well.. But now i am feeling the same symptoms and tiredness i felt before i was admitted to the hospital in August so i am worried. Also i went to four different doctors and two of them told me i have ADEM and the other two said i have MS !! But according to what i have went through "coma, vomiting etc.." and to the long researches i have done i am 100% sure what i have is ADEM =[ I am planning to.. hopefully travel to Europe to have some tests and be sure of the diagnosis. I heard there was a new treatment for ADEM in Germany? Though i am not sure.

I am really thankful for this forums!! Thanks everyone, thank you for the warm welcome ^^ i really needed some people to speak with because my emotional situation is.. bad =/


Hello, Archi. I cannot give professional advice, but wether this is ADEM or MS, but from August until now at 20mg/day of Corticosteroids seems to me too long.

In my opinion you are right in looking after a different medical control. Have you checked regularly sugar in your blood? because so long on steroids can induce high glycemic values.

Best wishes


I have not, this is my first time hearing this!! thank you for letting me know that, I will try to check as soon as possible.