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Hello everyone! I hope you are all well.

I get this headaches that are throughout most of my head, back of neck and travel down to the bridge of my nose and eye.
I take Tylenol but it won’t touch it. I’m going to try ibuprofen next. I wasn’t sure if anyone else experienced this as well. I have been keeping track of the headaches and it seems to be when I’m having a “bad day”.

Oh my @Cindal , that does not sound like fun. How frequent are these ? I looked up some older threads, and found one where members were experiencing blurred vision and fatigue whenever they are overstimulated with stress, which sounded similar to your trigger of having a “bad day”. Here is the link to that: Headache and fatigue

Hope you are able to get this figured out @Cindal. You can also check out all of the posts we have had to date listing the keyword “headache” via this link:

But hopefully we can hear a response from someone soon!

Take care @Cindal
-Arjuna from ModSupport

Thank you for the information, I’ll be sure to look into that!
The headaches are just about every day.

Hey Cindal. I too experience headaches quite frequently. I also noticed that they tend to happen when I have a “bad” day. However, my headaches seem to be focused on the front. I am curious, have you talked with your doctor about this issue? If so what did they tell you? I was told not to take Tylenol or Ibuprofen as they both could damage your liver and kidney. I would suggest trying other tropical methods such as pain (headache) patches. Or simply lie down and take a breather. I hope this helps and please feel free to contact me further.

Have you checked if you are having migraines? Using Eucalyptus oil helps for the pain. Better than the pain killers…
Epsom salt baths and lavender oil helps relax as well.

hiya im new to here. I am getting the same headaches which goes across my forehead and eyes. which goes back towards my ears and neck. I have been diagnosed 6 months ago after getting tested for everything going. my only symptom that I had was a headache with no neurological symptoms. I get very anxious every time I get a headache which doesn’t help. I I have been to back to my GP and he has said its a tension headache. but just scared it can come back or even worse they have mis diagnosed me!!!