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Loss of hot cold sensation as a sign


Has anyone had an experience of loss of the feeling of hot or cold sensation with ADEM


I am more sensitive for Cold. Especially when it is getting cold outside my muscle are more stiff



Finally someone else with this problem! Not that I'm happy for you, but you know what I mean... My body reacts normally to hot and cold environment, but my brain(?) can't interpret the feeling. I understand it when my body starts to shiver, sweat, my muscles stiffens or I get dizzy.

Do you now where your lesions were located?


My son aged 26 was admitted to hospital with the following symptoms; unable to urinate, unable to differentiate between hot and cold… this was evident on his arms by patches of red/hot and white/cold areas up his arms and chest, tremors and shakiness while standing. As the steroids and pain killers kicked in these symptoms are becoming less prominent.