Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM) Support Group

Need information


I have been down with adem for nearly two years now. It has left me paralysed beneath my waist. I do not have any sensation in the paralysed area and no toilet control. My first year was a washout with bedsores and urinary tract infections ( produced by the catheter). The first sign of recovery happened earlier this year when I discovered that I did not need a catheter as the bladder was pumping out the urine by itself. The UTI stopped instantly and thanks to physiotherapy and homeopathic treatments the bedsores too have cleared. Currently some power has come to my legs and we are at that stage where actual movement can happen any time.
But my problem is that for the past three months my body has been undergoing some tumult every alternative day. I get a severe burning sensation and spasms running through my legs and stomach. I also have a girdle in the chest adding to my overall discomfort. Does anyone have similar symptoms ?