Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM) Support Group

Newbies need all could use support


Good evening everyone,
I’m sure we can all remember the moment we were diagnosed with ADEM. After my diagnosis, I was lost, until I found our site. I found a lifeline! To all of us who have improved since our diagnosis; if you feel that your path could be encouraging to our new members, please feel free to briefly share your story. Do you remember how scary your ADEM diagnosis was…well ADEM continues to attack new patients. Let’s try and give them a lifeline.
Thanks, Lynn


New survivors: welcome my friends! Always post anything and everything on your mind. Questions, concerns, thoughts, ideas… everything. Community is everything. You know everyone’s experience is different. For me the TBI was a major focus so I joined Ben’s Friends TBI group and I got a lot of value from that. ADEM expresses itself many different ways. Our common thread is that we are survivors of course! :slight_smile:


Yes…we can and do survive. I have much more empathy for rare events.