Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM) Support Group



I’m down and out today. We went to a party yesterday and it was so upsetting to watch my daughter. She was unable to interact with other kids her age. She never stopped moving and eating and gave all the adults hugs and kisses, told them she loved them and blew raspberries on their cheeks. All of that sounds cute and nice but she has no concept of personal space or stranger anxiety. I know I have mentioned these behaviors before and I am just venting now.

My son who is 8 is now at the end of his ropes with her behavior. I try to explain that she doesn’t have control over her impulsive behavior right now but he is still losing his temper more and more. They used to be so close and would play together. It is breaking my heart to see the change in how they get along. Any advice for siblings?

One good thing is that she finished her steroids yesterday so I hope some of our behavior issues will end once it is out of her system.


I feel for you. Emotional issues are one of our biggest "leftovers" after all has been said and done. Sometimes they seem worse than physical problems.