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Surgery 2018


Oct.17th Whipple surgery for pancreas cancer. After all the mri’s, ct scans, and tests, they found my bile duct to be 17cm instead of 3-7cm. I was in pain from may 2018- to October. I had several stents put in and removed before we settled on surgery. The surgery takes5-7 hours, they removed the gallbladder, bile duct, 5" of pancreas and 10" of small stomach. I fell into the 2% area and did not have cancer. They found a cyst in the bile duct which could lead to cancer. I understand the depression and mood swings, my husband has been a saint. I would have left me. I was going to therapy but have been pretty home bound. This poor body can’t take much more. I never give up. I’ve been through a lot but always remember someone else is worse off than me.